About us

Thank you for visiting my website where I can  share my passion of costume jewellery with you. Hopefully you will enjoy the new website design and be inspired by the beautiful and affordable pieces that are in my collection.

What started as a hobby and with the help and support of my husband who built my website it has become a small business.

I know some of the pieces in my collection are bold and dramatic, but she who dares wins; so get ready to be noticed and enjoy the compliments  from admirer’s  and please don’t keep it a secret where your purchased it from!

I genuinely love all the pieces in my collection and would wear any of them to accessorise my own style. What I love about costume jewellery is that you can change an outfit by simply adding a gorgeous, glamorous piece of jewellery.

Costume jewellery is affordable, fun and fashionable it can be worn day or night,  with casual clothes, work clothes,  party clothes even if you are wearing nothing you can still  feel confident and look good in jewellery from Jiggy Jewellery.

I really hope you enjoy looking through the range that has been increased with a fabulous range of Treaty jewellery, so I hope you  like  what you see.

If you would like to contact me with any comments you can either email me or use the contact form.

Once again thanks for visiting Jiggy Jewellery.